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Refreshing coffee breaks

More than just hot coffee

Fresh, sweet, hearty and imaginative. That’s our coffee break for you. The star here is regional produce. It could be, say, smoothies, a crepe station or a candy bar that await you – literally every guest gets his money’s worth at our hotels!


Not just the freshness of our produce but it is equally the preparation that is totally satisfying. Our live stations are made to cater to individual preferences and to let you witness the preparation of the dish.


High fat content and heavy dishes are bad for concentration when it comes to essentials. Thus it is light dishes that we offer at coffee breaks. Eat sensibly and go for healthy, but do not forsake flavour.


Quality is the buzzword in the selection of produce. We hence make it a point to get to know our suppliers personally. Short distances for produce to come from suppliers to our hotel kitchens in this context are as important as the seasonality of our dishes.


The same food for an event over several days? No way! We pander to your palate by offering different dishes, unusual flavours and creative combinations. Guests with food allergies and preferences? We will gladly take care of their needs and discuss the menu with you – food and drinks – in advance, for your event.


Lovingly prepared dishes presented appealingly, a feast for the eyes too! All our meals make for a sensory experience, in every sense!