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Wildwald Vosswinkel - the largest game reserve in Germany

In Wild Forest experienced and discover the forest over and over again. of cycle paths through unspoiled nature of the reserve "Luerwald", through the Boar thicket, in the deepest forest to the "jungle". Stalking and listening watch local game. Forest stations with observation trails and viewing platforms steer alle the senses to the small details.

Climbing in the forest? This makes the climbing wild forest possible with its 7 courses, 70 climbing elements, many cable cars, base jump and exciting level experiences in beautiful nature!

The forest academy offers natural history and educational forest guides and training. Feeding of red deer, fallow deer and mouflon is open daily 11:30 boar feeding is at 14:30. In addition, visitors will find a forest inn and a large adventure playground with raft pond.

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed in the forest!



about 10 km

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Wildwald Vosswinkel Ketteler & Boeseleiter GbR

Bellingsen 5

59757 Arnsberg