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Casino evening

An evening like James Bond? Take your dinner from our Casino Royal Buffet and go into your "own casino" afterwards. Croupiers will explain the rules and tell you some tricks p. e. from Black Jack or Roulette. Enjoy an exciting gaming evening. If you want, you can even play with your own tokens with your company logo!


  • Pax:                   30 - 200
  • Duration:           You can choose the time
  • Venue:               Bad Brückenau
  • Distance:           at the Hotel
  • Organizer:         Plein et Cheval, mobiles Spielcasino,                                                            Christian Schülke, Leibnizstraße 50,                                                            14612 Falkensee, Deutschland


Please note that this event is not organized from the hotel. The responsibility for organization and execution is at the organizer.