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Laser Tag

Up to 10 pax (on a rotating basis more pax possible) moving in a futuristic, almost dark room and earn points by marking the others wir a laser ("tag"). All participants are equipped with a "phaser" and a modern West with glowing hit areas. Fog, black lights, neon colors and music provides an additional adrenaline rush!

  • Pax:                      - 10
  • Duration:              15 minutes per game
  • Requirement:        prefered dark clothes
  • Venue:                   Fulda
  • Distance:               30 Minuten Fahrzeit
  • Organizer:             Cosmo Funsports GmbH, Nino Krandl,                                                          Bürgermeister-Ebert-Str. 14 a, 36124 Eichenzell,                                        Germany


Please note that this event is not organized from the hotel. The responsibility for organization and execution is at the organizer.


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