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A UNESCO World Cultural Heritage for your Event

Hamburg is known as the "German Gate to the World". The Hanseatic city acquired this title already in the 19th century when the duty-free port area was built.

In the free harbor goods could still be stored and refined duty free despite Hamburg's accession to the German Reich customs territory.

On the Kehrwieder Islet the Speicherstadt (old warehouse district) was built between 1885 and 1912 - a complex of 7- and 8-storey brick buildings along a 1,5km-long front.

Since 2015 the Speicherstadt is part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The view over the dikes and the surrounding Kontore (old trading houses) is very impressive. You will get an idea of how the goods coming from Asia and the Far East were stored here in the past. Ad still today 40% of the area are actually used for storage purposes!

The event locations in the Speicherstadt are worldwide unique. You will not only impress guests coming from outside Hamburg. To stage your event a range of different locations are available for you. Gladly, we will assist you in organizing conventions, weddings, night events, and, and, and - everything is possible!