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Meeting room combination "Elbe 1-3"


Elbe 1-3 (270 m² / length 13,90 m / width 19,5 m / height 3,7 m)


-          the "Elbe 1-3" conference room is located on the ground floor, is free of pillars


-          air-conditioned


-          Epson LCD laser projector with 8,000 lumens providing images in WUXGA resolution


-          Connection options via HDMI, VGA and display ports or ClickShare wireless link


-          Ceiling-mounted projector and permanently installed screen (3 x 4 m)


-          Flexible light control from a permanently installed iPad; a mobile iPad can be booked for sound and light control


-          Optional sound system support for the presentation with a maximum of four microphones simultaneously


-          Triple projection possible on two screens à 2 x 3 m with two Epson LCD laser projectors (6,000 lumens)