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Floral Design

Our partner "Gregor Lersch" is the champion of florists and has worked in 32 countries around the world. He is one of the few artists in the world who lives floral design with penetration. He is represented with his work all over the world to permanently maintain contents of the floral culture and to convey people. Let yourself be inspired by his art for your event!

Located right on the Nürburgring is our partner "Flowers Böder" which has been active since 1988 as a service provider in the floral decorations primarily in motorsport (Formula 1 & DTM), but also in the context of concerts, for several companies throughout Germany. The service includes a wide range of about 250 hired plants up to 3m height for indoor and outdoor use, as well as the seasonal matching table decoration, buffet or stage decoration for all areas of the event.