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Safety comes first and you even enjoy it!

Prepare your sales staff for the streets or surprise your employees or customers with a special event. You have the choice between several hours, all-day and two-day courses.

Because the fun should not be neglected, it is an essential part of the courses. This is mainly due to the instructors who know how to convey the theme of driving safety, easy and entertaining, without losing the actual target of the eyes.

The one-day car driving safety training "Safety & Fun 1 Day" is suitable for all ages and driving experience. In theory and practice, driving safety is mediated. In addition to the slalom course, braking and avoidance exercises, the training includes as well curve workout. As a highlight at the end of the course, participants will be carefully introduced to the spin simulator.

If it should not "only" be about driving safety, but simply a fun day at the Nürburgring, you can select various framework programs with fun elements. For example: flashover simulator, Twist Challenge, Team Challenge or Slalom Challenge.

Participants: 10-80 persons

Time frame: from 45 minutes up to 9 hours

Requires outdoor

Distance: 2 km to the hotel

Price on request

Organizer: auto motor and sport driving safety center at Nürburgring GmbH & Co. KG