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Chain reaction – the run with the domino effect

In our brand new team event “The chain reaction” your staff, using different materials and objects, liquids and fireworks, will build a crazy machine that makes use of the so-called domino effect.

Just imagine: A small hammer hits a ball that slowly rolls over self-made paths, through pipes, funnels and finally on a rocker where an egg is balanced. It, again, is being pushed into a hopper, cracks and slowly runs into a glass standing on a letter scale, tightening a rope with its increasing weight… It is fascinating to see how this process becomes more and more dynamic! The play with the countless possibilities encouraging you to discover and to experiment guarantees a sensual experience for everyone.

Divided into small groups, the participants in each case deal with one of the machine’s four sections: The first team builds a marble run on which a small ball is sent out on an adventurous journey. The following sector deals with kinetics, meaning the transformation of the marble’s rolling motion into other movement types, like turning, tipping, falling, swinging. Afterwards, everything is centered on flowing and rippling, on water and sand, on hoppers and rockers, scales and containers. The team in the fourth section, finally, spends its time on electric energy building small circuits for lamps, resistors or a small firework.

It’s all up to your inventiveness to decide how to arrange the machine’s single components. How they finally will relate to each other is, of cause, influenced by the communication and interplay between the respective groups. Only if all participants work hand in hand the chain reaction can be started in the end of the day. Then the secret will be disclosed and surprise and astonish you all. And every single one of your staff will be proud of his own creativity and competence!